Make money with your Youtube channel

Dear user! First, Tron-Free thank you for your support and trust for us. To our website grow and become one of the best free cryptocurrency earning sites. We create a program in partnership with Youtubers to create videos about us on your Youtube channel and earn money.

1. Conditions to participate in the program

Your Youtube channel must have at least 2000 SUBSCRIBE.

2. Steps to join

Step 1: Create an account on Tron-Free
Step 2: Create an introductory video about us on your Youtube channel. In the video must show your Tron-Free username.
Step 3: Fill out the form below.

3. Payment policy

- To get paid, your video must generate at least 1000 views.
- We pay on the first day of every month. If the first day of the month falls on a holiday or weekend, payment will be made the next business day.
- Any payment will be credited to your Tron-Free account.
- CPM rate is 0.2$/1000 views. Each Video will be paid up to 10$.