Frequently Asked Queries

Can I create multiple accounts?

You are not allowed to create multiple accounts or have multiple accounts in the same network. All violated accounts will be banned.

Am I benefit from referring my friends?

We share up to 100% of your friend earning for referring them. You can get your referral link in Refferal Tab

Bots, VPN/Proxy are not allowed on this site. We will ban all violated accounts.

1000 Token for microwallet and 1 Token for direct wallet.

How to withdraw money?

- For FaucetPay: add email or crypto address.
- For Expresscrypto: add your id(eg: EC-UserID-123456).
- For Payeer: add your account (eg: P12345678).
- For direct wallet: add crypto address.
- Attention: Withdrawals will be approved in up to 2 days, normally 1 business day. You can view the withdrawal history here:

How to mine?
1. For Browser Mining

Select the "Threads" and "Speed"" suitable for your computer, then select "Start." Next just keep your browser open and your balance will increase.

2. For GUI Miner

- Download mining script to your computer.
- Unzip the downloaded file.
- Click on the file "Gui Miner".

- Enter your username and click "START MINING".

- You can install it to suit your computer at "Config".

I did nothing to the mining balance why did it change?

Mining balance is automatically converted based on your Shatoshi balance. The meat balance you see may change based on the BTC/USD exchange rate.

Lottery tickets will be randomly drawn once a day at 23:59 UTC. The luckiest lottery ticket is the one with the same outcome as the draw. The winner will receive the full prize.

Watch detailed video tutorial